So, you wanna be our Community Manager?

The Eat Street Community Manager is someone who…
·    vive en las redes sociales, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, porque es donde pasa la vida hoy en día, ¿no?
·    has exceptional written communication skills
·    és capaç de crear contingut interessant i canyero en diferents plataformes amb un calendari establert
·    can engage with influencers, foodie bloggers and journalists and source relevant content
·    tiene empatía para responder e interactuar con seguidores de una manera desenfada a la vez que correcta
·    has an eye for visuals, photo and video
·    tiene una tremenda atencion al detalle (y le acaba de perturbar profundamente una falta de ortografía)
·    is almost trilingual (if that exists!) and speaks and writes perfect English, Spanish & Catalan
·    és independent i busca un treball a mitja jornada, pero no de 10 a 14
·    és capaç de completar tasques de manera autònoma
·    loves eating ❤️
Give us your answers in the language each question has been posed, plis.


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You are now allowed to be trilingüe, just like Eat Street
Welcome to Eat Street Edition on Tubérculos / tubercles / root vegetables 2018! The event is a few weeks away, and it’s time for you to make some content. Let’s see what you’d do with this…

For all three points below, feel free to use external content, link to wherever you deem appropriate and use hashtags as you see fit
Draft an intro post to publish in FB to announce the theme of the event, what makes it cool, and why everyone should attend! Go crazy. *

And please upload a picture or short video to illustrate your post. *

We want to come up with a funny idea for a sorteo for this edition.

Our awesome partner “El patatamen” va a dar patatas gratis durante todo el invierno al ganador del sorteo. Can you draft a FB post to announce the sorteo? *

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Gracias por tu tiempo. We will be in touch if your profile fits with what we are looking for. Salut & street food!